Information about Young People in Australia

Youth NSW

Youth NSW provides a long list of useful sources and resources about young people in Australia.

Foundation for Young Australians Report - How Young People are Faring  (HYPAF) 2011

The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) is proud to announce the launch of How Young People are Faring (HYPAF) 2011 – the latest report in an annual series on the employment and education situation of young Australians. The HYPAF report, prepared by Lyn Robinson, Mike Long and Stephen Lamb from the Centre for Research on Education Systems at the University of Melbourne, shows two significant long-term trends:

  • the stability of working life for young people has steadily decreased
  • Australia’s economic prosperity is consistently not being passed on to many young people.

Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY)

The Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) is a research program that tracks young people as they move from school to post-school destinations.

Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies

ACYS provides support youth organisations, youth workers, youth researchers and young people themselves, as well as policymakers, researchers and practitioners in other sectors working with youth.

The clearinghouse focuses on information about early adolescence to the early adult years (12 to 25 years).

ACYS's mission is to contribute to the wellbeing of young people by providing comprehensive and up-to-date information about key issues and practices in the youth field for access by the community.

ACYS achieves its mission by providing information on the complex and wide-ranging issues that affect young people today, and by disseminating news of research and developments on best-practice in the youth field, encouraging networking, discussions and collaboration. 

State of Australia’s Young People, Youth.Gov.Au

Description of sundry statistics, commentaries and reports relating to young people and youth issues  (and government programs) with statistical snapshot of the state of Australia’s young people.

Australian Youth Research Centre (Uni of Melbourne)

The Youth Research Centre, established in 1988, is located within the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. The Centre is committed to research that benefits young people, where possible involving them in research. It is also committed to improving practice in the education, youth, health and community sectors. This is achieved through its research and development programs, as well as its role in teaching and research training.

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